Our brands

Every single creation is handmade by Aline in her small workshop in Saint-Martin-Boulogne (North of France). 

She uses the most exquisite Liberty fabrics to create divine unique pieces. 



Bilboquet Kids

This young brand offers clothes and accessories for babies and children.

The creation and confection are is exclusive in Aude's workshop located near Lyon.

The brands celebrates slowfashion and noble fabrics and we love it!Absolutely gorgeous brand.

MiniMeByLisette features two collections: Birdy and Voyage. 



Bindi Atelier

Through their collections, Bindi Atelier wants to bring joy and softness to your interior through collections produced in limited series and in a traditional and reasoned approach.

Created by Solène and Anne-Sophie, Bindi Atelier celebrates the power of colors and the importance of small moments.

They value the imperfect perfect and the know-how handed down for generations.

Shop and cherish Bindi Atelier lovely treasures like we do!


Croche Patte is a French brand launched in 2019 by Pearl.

After the birth of her first baby, Pearl decided to start her own entrepreneurial adventure. 

She wanted to create baby accessories made in France with quality materials..

The brand's style is chic and relaxed and Croche Patte only works with French suppliers who attach great importance to the quality of their materials, in order to offer babies the best.





After studies in fashion design and model making and theater costume designer and a few years of experience in this field, Isathena turned to decoration for children. 

Her creations come from a poetic and magical universe.

She chooses soft colors and mainly uses materials such as cotton, linen, liberty and glittery tulle.

Every single creation is handmade in France. 


La Cigogne de Lily

La Cigogne de Lily was created by Fanny then a young mother.

She created a delicate, elegant universe with a touch of retro.

La Cigogne de Lily features a selection of birth gifts, linen and accessories. 

This is about exclusive collections in limited editions, made with love.  



Made in France, ultra-practical and full of humor, here is Le Biberon Français.

Starting from a simple idea, Le Biberon Français completely reinvents the world of bottle-feeding. 
During his first experiences as a dad, Benjamin realised that bottles took up too much space. In the kitchen, the changing bag or the car, bottles were too bulky!

Why not revisit it, while adopting an environmental and French manufacturing approach? The idea was to design an ergonomic bottle, small and practical. 

After a year of research, Le Biberon Français was born (2017).

Here at MiniMeByLisette, we adore them.
Every single bottle is a success, both for babies and parents!



Les Petites Billes

Once upon a time… Morgane had nephew.

It was the start of a whole new world!

The needs of parents transported her and since she wanted to bring magic into parents' life but could not take down the moon and light up the stars, she created Les Petites Billes.

A cute little brand working its magic to create playful and innovative accessories designed for the whole tribe.


Les Petits Dorés 

Les Petits Dorés are specialised anti-UV swimmers for children.

They mix maximal protection AND fashion :)

The brand uses sustainable and recycled materials.

Les Petits Dorés values high transparency and ethics.

Melanie created the brand after the birth of her son Leonard when she could not find the perfect swimwear.

"Les Petits Dorés" is based in Nantes (North West of France).  



Lililotte is an exquisite organic French brand for babies and toddlers.

The brand was created in 2015 in Nantes (North-West of France) by two mothers who decided to combine talents and skills to create an ethical, organic and affordable children's clothing that meets their expectations. Icing on the cake, the brand is super cute and chic!

Each collection is imagined and designed in their premises in Nantes and every single piece is made of organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). All clothes combining refinement and trend.

Lililotte is all about offering  flexible and resistant children quality clothing. 




Mini Canaille

Mini canaille makes adorable creations for babies especially comforters.

Mini canaille contributes to the development of our babies by combining different materials pleasant to the touch, delicate noises and ribbons. 

All pieces and handmade in Cannes (South of France).



Minouche Creation


This French little brand is based in Normandy (North-West of France). 

Minouche Creation was created by Anais who is also a full time mum to Leon. 

Her designs and creations are made of the most exquisite fabrics. 

Every-single piece is handmade and sewed on demand which makes it even more unique. 



Retrochic Boutique

Retrochic Boutique is a 100% French children's fashion brand.

Every single lovely creation is designed and made with love in a small workshop near Bordeaux (South West of France).